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Product name: hand-held ultrasonic welding machine and ultrasonic spot welding machine.
1. Application scope of welding machine:
Welding larger plastic parts, such AS air conditioning wind leaf, washing machine barrel, gas meter assembly, stationery, lights, auto parts, etc., for plastic for ABS, AS, polystyrene, polycarbonate, nylon, pom, etc. All materials.
Mould picture:
2. Overview of welding:
Ultrasonic plastic welding machine is an ultrasonic plastic welding system made of ultrasonic generator, program controller and welding frame. The equipment has the advantages of compact structure, easy installation, simple operation, easy to understand and easy to maintain.
Ultrasonic plastic welding machine adopts imported high performance ultrasonic generator, transducer and the modulator, and is equipped with precise and repeatability and best type controller, when the welding parameters in the management of specified once set, it don’t need to have more adjustment device, it can be automatic, rapid, accurate continuously perform welding and every step of operation.
3. Principle of ultrasonic welding machine:
Ultrasonic welding machine used principle of ultrasonic, voice, we all know is through the vibration with the spread of the media, so according to this principle, people developed ultrasonic, ultrasonic wave is that more than people hearing range of sound waves, ultrasonic welding machine is by ultrasonic welding machine by ultrasonic generator, transducer converts sound waves from the ultrasonic generator to sound energy. Then follow the high frequency vibration of ultrasonic mold, welding machine movement, and increase the pressure, the vibration of the tens of thousands of times a second in direct friction welding products, after the last heat up, welding products two interface begins to dissolve, and then exchange molecules, finally stopped working after ultrasonic welding machine, pressure change, product rapid cooling, finally reach the effect we need welding.
4 parameters of ultrasonic welding machine:
Use the power supply

The machine model frequency The output power Welding area Overall dimensions weight  
AH-2010G 20KHZ 1000W 100MM L425*W630*H920 95KG AC220 1P 8A
AH-2015G 20KHZ 1000W 150MM L425*W630*H920 95KG AC220 1P 10A
AH-1518G 15KHZ 1800W 160MM L425*W630*H920 110KG AC220 1P 10A
AH–1522G 15KHZ 2200W 180MM L425*W630*H920 110KG AC220 1P 10A
AH-1526G 15KHZ 2600W 200MM L425*W630*H920 115KG AC220 1P 12A
AH-1528G 15KHZ 2800W 200MM L425*W630*H920 145KG AC220 1P 12A
AH-1532G 15KHZ 3200W 240MM L425*W630*H1160 145KG AC220 1P 15A
AH-1542G 15KHZ 4200W 260MM L425*W630*H2000 300KG AC220 1P15A


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