Non-woven cross cutting machine

Product features
1. Instead of the traditional sewing technology, equipment use PLC centralized control of the entire operating system, the entire process automated, save labor and increase efficiency.
2. Cradle-type discharge using double rollers-split transmission, drive shaft hold the whole fabric, depending on the length of the fabric on both sides of the bezel can be adjusted.
3. Automatic deviation correction control system feeding process even small errors and improves the smooth clean cut, and more energy-efficient.
4. Rail slider shaft (transfer convenient vertical cut size and stability) / Cutting (high speed operation is stable and reliable), cut out the cloth without edges, tidy, without deviation, width adjustable.
5. According to customer demand could be single or double knife slices, effectively improve the working efficiency.
6. strong mechanical structure, high stability of high-speed operation, effectively improve the durability and service life of the machine.
7. With wide variety, pattern diversity, various specifications can be customized according to customer requirements
Scope of application and materials
A variety of chemical fiber material, microfiber material, non-woven fabric, spraying-bonded wadding
Mainly used for towel cloth, MOP cloth, curtains, bed curtains,and etc.
Technical parameters

Product name Ultrasonic slitting cutting machine Model AH-1000-3500
Working power 380V 60HZ Generator power 800W* Multiple
Work efficiency 1-20m/min Output frequency 20KHz
Slitting width Adjustable Max unwinding diameter 1000mm
Knife Single pole / Double knife Motor Stepper motor transportation
Drive type Automatic    Weight 2800-3500KG
Overall Ultrasonic electric cabinets, discharge, process technology


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