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Functional characteristics:
High speed: 120 pieces can be cut off per minute. (For a 50mm length example)
High precision: Each cut is monitored by a stepper motor to ensure high accuracy for each operation.
The cut surface is flat: The cutting edge is made of high-quality imported steel, which ensures the flatness of the cut surface.
Automatic operation: just set the cut length and quantity you need, and the rest of the work is done automatically.
Memory function: before the switch is turned off, the cut-off length, cut-off amount, and cut-off speed of the set value are automatically stored.
Cut off material:
Nylon fiber ribbons, ropes, horse springs, leather, nylon zippers, braids, nylon buckles (VELCRO), clothing linings, ribbons that need heat sealing, color ribbons, luggage belts.
Broken belt machines, trademark cutting machines, nylon bags, plastic hoses, paper tubes, adhesive tapes, hair sticks, zippers, rubber belts and other soft tape-like materials, are ancillary equipment for garment production, tape processing, electrical assembly and other industries .
Performance characteristics: The material length can be arbitrarily adjusted, with automatic feeding counting function. High efficiency, low voice, small size, light weight, easy operation and so on.
The main parameters:

model Cutting lengthmm The maximum cutting widthmm Cutting speed p/min Tools Highest temperature Rated powerW Packing sizecm Weight KG
AH 1-99999 110 120 Hot knife 600°, can be adjusted Motor 60 heat pipe 600 38*32*30 25

Automatic cutting, simple operation, wide application range, high cutting quality.


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