Ultrasonic double knife cutting machine

1. Electronic control using centralized control, simple and convenient operation, beautiful and generous
2. The imported inverter control system is stable and reliable.
3. Use magnetic powder brake, magnetic powder clutch, air shaft, easy to operate.
4. Select automatic correction device, anti-scratch, anti-static treatment, uniform feeding process, improve the smoothness and cleanliness of the incision, and more energy-efficient.
5. The cut fabric has no burrs, is neat, has no deviation, and its width is adjustable.
6. Strong mechanical structure, high stability at high speed, effectively improving the durability and service life of the machine.
7. Save manpower and work efficiently
8. Wide range of models, diversified patterns, tailored to customer needs
Technical Parameters:

Product name Ultrasonic cutting machine model AH-1800
Working power 220V/380V Generator power 800W*(13group)
Work efficiency 1-60m/min Output frequency 20KHz
Cutting width Adjustable
Unwinding the largest diameter 800
Motor Power 2.2KW weight 1800-2400KG
The whole result Ultrasonic operation panel, workflow machine
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